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Birthdate:Nov 2
RP Account for 5-year old Riku from/based on Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

Message if want to musebox/rp with him.


This really small 'Ku is a tiny but mature fellow with a cheerfully teasing disposition and a levelheaded- even logical- sense of quiet. Despite this, his self-preservation skills are pretty lacking and he's pretty trusting of strange folk, less likely to bat an eye than many other kids and with absolutely no qualms about touching Keyblades. He even likes getting noogies from random big bros that turn up on the beach.

He likes yellow things, the beach, playing pretend, swordfights, and his friends.
He also likes cookies, ice cream, cake, and paopu.
His favorite candies: ThisThis and sometimes This
His favorite animal
His favorite book

When he grows up, he's gonna be a hero knight strong enough to protect his friends.

Alas, he evolves into Snarkku, Emoku, and Stalkerku.

When a Mickey Stone is used, smallku evolves into a Rikuking.

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